Camp info

Indian Creek Baptist Camp - 5920 Lickford Bridge Rd. SW,
Mauckport, IN 47142

Phone: 877-771-2267



Cost: $195.00 

What You need to know

Dates: June 24-28

Departure: We will leave the church at 5:00am Monday morning. (Subject to change)

Arriving back home: Our arrival back to OBC on Friday evening is 9:00pm. (Subject to change)

Dress code:

     Guys: Activities - Knee length shorts or pants. Modest t-shirts.

           Services - Pants and collared shirt

           Swimming - Knee length swim trucks and dark t-shirt.

     Girls: Activities - Keen length skirt or culottes. Modest top.

          Services - Knee length skirt and modest top.

          Swimming - Modest one or two piece bathing suit (no bikinis) worn underneath knee length                   swim short/basketball shorts and dark t-shirt.


What to bring:

Every person must provide their own bedding (twin xl), towels, wash clothes, toiletries, etc. Other suggested items: Bible, pen, note pad, spending money for gift shop, cokes and concessions, iron (ironing board provided), swim attire. This is a basic list. Individual campers may decide to bring other items.


Below is the daily schedule:



5pm       Dinner

6pm       Orientation

7:30        Free Time

8pm       Service

10pm     Announced Activity

                Note: After Activity there will be a brief meeting in the main tabernacle.

12am     Lights Out


Tuesday – Thursday:

8am       Flag Pole Devotional

8:30        Breakfast

9am       Time Alone With God

9:30        Cabin Cleanup

10am     Service

11am     Morning Competition

12pm     Lunch

1pm       Free Time

2pm       Boys Swim; Girls Competition

3:30        Girls Swim; Boys Competition

5pm       Shower Time

6pm       Dinner

7pm       Free Time

8pm       Service

10pm     Announced Activity

                Note: After Activity there will be a brief meeting in the main tabernacle.

12am     Lights Out



9am       Brief service  in the main tabernacle

9:15        Breakfast

10am     Load the buses

Camp Code Of Conduct 



  • No alcohol beverages, tobacco in any form, listening or watching electronic devices, fireworks, or weapons of any kind

  • No physical contact allowed between male and female campers.

  • No clothing or accessories with inappropriate advertising.


  • Modest skirts, dresses, and skirt-appearing culottes only. All need to be knee length.

  • Modest tops and blouses.


  • No hats or sunglasses in the tabernacle.

  • No sleeveless shirts or tank tops.

  • No Jewelry (Unless for medical identification purposes)

  • Swimwear – Modest shorts, cut-offs, or trunks (No metal straps or bands due to damage on waterslides)


  • No physical contact with opposite sex

  • Proper dress code will be enforced with a smile

  • No boys around girl’s cabins and no girls around boy’s cabins

  • Obey dress code to and from swimming hole

  • Respect and obey all authority

  • Proper respect, involvement, and behavior in tabernacle and during competition

  • Obtaining a bus ride home (paid by your parent): a) Going to the swimming hole without a Lifeguard on duty or when opposite sex is there. b) Any inappropriate behavior between boys and girls

  • Have a great week!

Indian Creek Baptist Camp & Retreat Center reserves the right to ask anyone to change their attire for any reason.

If you have any further questions please contact Pastor Zack Evans at 770-865-2594 or

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